How University Administrators Play Good Cop to UCPD’s “Bad Cop”

Here, via SF Gate, is a telling example of how the administration tries to play good cop to the UCPD’s bad cop:

“We’re extremely disturbed by the images on the video and will work very hard to not repeat the violence on Tuesday,” said Claire Holmes, associate vice chancellor of public affairs.”

That’s immediately preceded by this:

“Campus police say they are investigating their response and considering whether pepper spray and tear gas might be used in future protests.”

To sum up: the VC of “public affairs” does her job and expresses a concern about the “images” (and one hopes, implicitly, the people) while her boss (who works closely with the UCPD) plans to escalate the violence. To put it another way, the UCPD is investigating their excessive use of force, unprovoked, and have concluded that the beatings by baton weren’t enough–tear gas will be helpful in “avoiding similar aggression”.