December 12th Shutdown of the Port of Oakland in Photos

Working on a piece on Dec. 12 for the Occupy Gazette. In the meantime, here are a lot of photos of the morning at the port.

This is a map of the route protesters took to the Port of Oakland:

They started around 5:30 a.m. at the red star on this map (close to the West Oakland BART station) and marched all the way (roughly) to the blue star on the far left. Middle Harbor Shoreline Park connected to the two sets of berths that the protesters took up: 30-32 and 55-57.

A group of bikers went on ahead earlier. The pedestrians marched behind them, with the police bringing up the rear. Here’s what that looked like, from the point of view of the marchers, in the eerie early morning:

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The crowd split in two–some went to berths 55-57, others went to 30-32. The futuristic looking white building is behind the gates at berths 30-32. Slowly the sun rises, the truckers line up, the police line up, and various events happen which I will elaborate on when time permits. In the meantime, here are some images, which I hope do something to capture the wild solitary weirdness of the Port of Oakland, even when it’s “occupied.”