puppy aeneid

meeting and deciding the outcome with their swords


turnus ran to the city walls through the broken ranks
(where the soil was most drenched with blood)



hearing the name of turnus, aeneas left the walls
and exultant with delight clashed her weapons fiercely

vast as old apennine
himself when he roars through the glittering holm-oaks


they both dashed quickly forward
the earth groaned
they redoubled their intense
sword-strokes, chance and skill mingled together


turnus leapt forward thinking herself safe, rose to the full height
of her body with uplifted sword, and struck



[but the attack fails; turnus’ sword breaks against aeneas’ mighty armor]


turnus ran madly this way and that over the plain, winding
aimless circles here and there



aeneas, no less, though her knees (slowed at times
by the arrow wound) failed her and denied her speed,
pursued and pressed her anxious enemy hotly, foot to foot



aeneas pressed on, brandishing her great spear like a tree,
and, angered at heart, she cried out in this way:
‘why now yet more delay? why do you still retreat, turnus?
we must compete hand to hand with fierce weapons, not by running



like a black hurricane she flew on
bearing dire destruction, and
passed through the center of the thigh





end intermission


great turnus sank, her knee bent beneath her, under the blow.
She lowered her eyes in submission and stretched out her right hand:
‘I have earned this, I ask no mercy’ she said,
‘seize your chance.’


aeneas, blazing with fury, and terrible in her anger,
buried her sword deep
and then turnus’s limbs grew slack