memoirs of a six year old

I found a diary from when I was six.

nothing very exciting is what we did

Nov. 6

today I have a school day darnet. I have to get up at 7:00! It is tiring to have to do it almost every day I hate getting up so early its no fun but, have to.

well first today I brushed my teeth, and did that stuff. at school  today I went to my seat Ryan makes me nervous every time he comes to sits next to me. nothing very exciting was what we did. we played at lunch recess to spin I’m sorry Diary let me go here were home now I want to sleep.

Liliana goodbye Liliana

government projects

Oct. 8

Today we watched Discovery the spaceship land, it came down gracefully and successfully. We also played a game called Break the Bench, I had to jump as hard as I could on it so it might break, and we could get new ones, this was in Didion because we didn’t like the benches and the principal said that if a few more benches broke (three were already broken) we would get new ones.

Love Lili

[addendum, smashed in at the bottom of the page:] and I got sent to my room.

The name erin

June 9

(sticker: Patty O’Green)

Today I went to the park in school. We played about five games of Bingo. Tomorrow it will be Game Day and I might win lots of prizes. We did do some work at school. But we did take a contest. And I wished I won. But somebody else did.

[In purple marker and big letters, apparently added later:] 

The name Erin. And I never won any of those games.

treats of good bye

June 10

Today it was game Day! And we did more games than work. We got treats of good Bye. And I won FOUR prizes And I am very happy.

[In purple marker:] I had a good time.

[In pencil:] I got Three erasers and one marker the kind you put in books with a treble clef decoration.

white as fudge

Oct. 29

Today I went to school and I like a boy named Rian Eliasberg and He likes me His moms name is Lisa E. and today we made gohsts That spin I won the contest of spinning. I named my gohst Fudgy because he’s white as Fudge and I know three Rians Rian Elias Berg Rian Wunch and Rian Olairy or O’leary I don’t know how to spell it after that we did a little math then it was time to go. And then I wrote recipies and now writing in you. And I watched The cosby show and then I practiced the piano then I went to bed and went to sleep.

the kiss

Oct. 30

(sticker: gold star)

Today I am very excited we are having a Halloween party even though it’s Friday tomorrow it’s Saturday Halloween! I am so happy. today I went to school I sit next to Rian Elias berg he loves  me too Today he saved me from his friend Jeff JEFF Jeff wrote on a piece of paper GIRLS I HATE

Rian also said to Jeff: if you put Lili’s name on there I’m going to kill you and he said in secret to him Jeff that he wanted to Marry me when I heard Jeff tell me that I was shy after school Rian called me and kissed me on the phone and now it is time to say goodbye

(extra sticker: blue irises)

press a leaf

Nov. 3

(sticker: none)

Today is Tuesday. I went to school and had a lot of trouble getting up,

[In blue marker:] first, Beatriz came, woke me up. But I fell asleep.

Then I went to school I sit next to Ryan Elias-Berg.

Today I went to recess, nothing very interesting we got reminders to press a leaf. Ryan Elias-berg loves me and some I like him in a matter in fact he’s nice but his friend is just horrible. now I got home from school.

and then to sleep



(sticker: pastel bluebird carrying a red book in its talons)

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