Taglines for HUGO

Hugo: We’ll shove our metaphors down your throat through your eyes.

Hugo: Frenchifying Dickens because it’s prettier that way. (Don’t worry–everyone still talks British!)

Hugo: Orphans are sad, but old men who never got recognized for their filmmaking are sadder.

Hugo: People want to work, but they don’t want to be cogs in a machine, except they sort of do, because machines are cool. Whatever. MOVIES.

Hugo: We Make Your Dreams, So Thank Us. (No, Seriously.)

Hugo: The Robot Totally Doesn’t Matter.

Hugo: We made the girl a writer at the very last second because writing (like her) is an afterthought.

Hugo: Dogs Are Inconvenient.

Hugo: Did you ever hear that story about the first moviegoers who saw a train coming toward them and screamed? It’s neat.

Hugo: Turns out the girl was an extra part. Oops.

Hugo: Victor, H.G. and Jules agree: “all of the steampunk, none of the calories!”

Hugo: Yes, that is Sacha Baron Cohen. And yes, you do have lots of time to think about that, because not a whole lot is happening.

HUGO: We have really beautiful shots and want to tell you how we got them, because that is the interesting part.

Hugo: The tragedy of how film was melted down, not for important war purposes, but FOR HIGH-HEELED SHOES FOR VAIN WOMEN.

Hugo: Not Acting. Reenacting

Hugo: An undocumented worker with two jobs risks arrest to repair an old man’s mythically bruised ego.

Hugo: nine hundred shots of gears, ninety shots of blue eyes, nine minutes of story. 9-9-9!!

Hugo: Don’t Let Film Die Another Death Just Because We’re In Another War.

Hugo: Go for beautiful steampunk cinematography, stay for Martin Scorsese’s Song of Himself.

Hugo: The Death of Self-Referential Art.

Hugo: War Veteran Orphans Are The Bad Guys.

Hugo: Old Movies Are Better Than New Movies.

3 thoughts on “Taglines for HUGO

  1. Also, Hugo: Directors are THE BEST.
    Hugo: Jude Law! Just Kidding.
    Hugo: 3D snow really is a triumph.
    Hugo: What is a starving child or a generation of men killed compared to one man who’se business went caput?
    Hugo: How to make a children’s movie make you think about masturbatory efforts (thankfully ego based, but really, Scorcese, quit jacking off!)
    Hugo: Books are almost special!
    Hugo: A sloppy movie we swear is art! It’s Dickensian or something, right?

    I’ll stop. And, I’m with you.

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